Quintessential doom. Beautiful, slow-cultured grooves with delicate harmonic transitions laid over the top of steady-rising riffs. Traditional and true vocals glide over and onto the next part, which could be either a classic metal breakaway or a sludge-filled breakdown. If this description caught your attention, you should really know about this toking doom three-piece, Orodruin.


The Rochester (NY) band prides themselves on good lyrics and a sound inspired by progressive 70’s hard rock. They would have you “listen to Uriah Heep!” and know that they have something to offer this ever-growing doom metal genre. After starting sometime around 1997/98, they were in the midst of the first boom of doom, and they’re still here after decades, writing in the second wave. Their latest release, “Ruins of Eternity”, came out in 2019 and carried all of their core sonic values; an epic timeless classic for us all to find.


Just as we all are, they’re waiting for “Covid to die” so that they can get back on stage and bring their music to the masses again. Their favorite thing is to play festivals, and they are featured on the eventually returning Descendants of Crom festival, presented by yours truly: Blackseed Services/Records. When asked what their next big thing was, vocalist/guitarist John Gallow responded, “Hopefully your fest!” We agree that we can’t wait either. For now, go listen to Orodruin!