Influenced by the prog and rock of the 70’s and early 80’s, Tines has the ability to pull you into the comfort of a heavy-groove, psych-rock bazaar with an added modern edge, brimming with contempt for the drab. They draw from variety, giving you all the style of the era identified with greats such as Genesis, Jethro Tull, and King Crimson, but their sound is their own. It may not be dark or heavy in the terms of typical metal, but Tines are an aural psychostorm, and if you’re into classic rock and metal, you’re really going to dig them, man.


When you let yourself into the hefty riffs and the dynamic keys, the music gives over to a general good-time vibe; like everything can be alright even if the world is falling apart. The band wants to lift their audience up and share. It’s a music of learning from each other and some sort of Star Trek model instead of the dystopia we seem to approach more and more each day. We asked guitarist/backup vocalist Glenn Szymanski how he felt about the band’s current direction and he told us, “Things have been progressing slowly from the initial batch of songs we first wrote in 2013. We had to take a 2-year hiatus after our original drummer left because the style of music we do is quite specific and Buffalo has a finite source of drummers that can competently play this music and its intricacies and who still appreciate the DIY/punk aesthetic. The last batch of songs we wrote are a little more high energy rock and a little less doomy, but we definitely have some leftover riffs and unfinished ideas that have been sitting around for a while that could definitely take us back into the doom zone.”


Covid-19 has the band waiting to get together for writing but they just released a two-song EP, “2 Song EP” on Szymanski’s Chanamatronic Records and plan to create some videos for the material when they can safely get back together. In the meantime, Glenn has been working on adding vocals to a 2014 rehearsal recording they made of an old song by Attila (Billy Joel's 1970 psychedelic organ and drums duo) called "Tear This Castle Down". Also reworking one of our older instrumental tracks called "Carpenter Dance". He mentioned he’d like to have those mixed, mastered, and posted on Bandcamp by February.

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