A fan-first studio helping bands in the heavy underground


Blackseed started out as an independent label for unique, underground artists. The idea behind it was to give those artists a supporting platform, a starting point, and to help get their art into the hands of those that would appreciate it most. Specializing in short-run releases and working one-on-one with startup projects, Blackseed also began to assist in nearly all aspects of production. A lot of artists needed help with art and design for their music. Sometimes they didn't have prepared cover art, someone to layout the design of their record, or even an official logo. Blackseed Design was then born and more intimate relationships started with the artists as we could work together more closely. And so, the little blackseed grew.


Blackseed Services is here now to help your music project with your needs, but we reserve the right to work with who we want to. To be a good service for our artist clients, we have to be into it and respect the process from start to end in order to achieve real results.

Our Offerings





An independent label that works with artists of our choosing.



Design for all artist needs. Logos, album and merch art, flyers/posters, layout design, stickers, business cards, and more.



Working with artists who need representation, promotion, and/or publicity. Doing first-rate work for starters and contenders.



Event and US tour booking for growing bands who want to get out there. We even book weekenders, week-longers, and what-have-you-ers.



Assisting artists in growing their identity, sound, or just those in need of advice.