Extreme metallers Churchburn are a band for all real heavy metal fans. Their music is thick, heavy and forceful, but all in ways you can appreciate. They set out on a mission to deliver a pummeling performance, live or recorded, and they certainly achieve it with every track. The world is full of real monsters that are capable of truly horrific things, not just in the pages of history. And that is their message. Churchburn stands out in the way that they deliver, attaining a distinct atmosphere in every song.


The New England group had started back in 2011 and didn’t release an official first album until 2014, “The Awaiting Coffins” through the Armageddon Shop Record label. The band’s last release in 2018, “None Shall Live... The Hymns of Misery”, was also through Armageddon. They tend to take their time between records, but fully deliver each time.


Churchburn are just about done writing material for their next release and begin tracking January 2021. Hopefully, we can see a late spring/early summer release. With no livestreams or gigs planned, the band’s sole focus is on finishing this new record. They hope that once it’s released, things will be closer to a time when live shows are possible again.


Drummer Raymond McCaffrey tells us, “We feel the band is progressing in the direction we hope for. Each new song we write, we are challenging ourselves to write more dynamic arrangements while keeping our overall atmosphere intact.”


If you have never delved into Churchburn, please do, so you can be as excited as we are about their upcoming release. If you’re already familiar, there is no time like the present to revisit their catalog.



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