photo by Matt Havvk



Et Mors integrates disparate musical influences into their own sound, which can be described as blackened doom, or BDSM (Black Doom Suicide Music) as they like to call it. This two-piece guitar and drums show inject scowling vocals peppered over an atmosphere of despair. The duo has a real DIY feel in their recorded sound, with an 8-track Tascam being touted as their feature tool, really lending to a raw and real art. It’s dark, heavy, and just cool.


The band harkens back to 2017 and began with the demo Prolixius, which was more a collection of ideas formed prior to Et Mors. Their latest release, a split with Surrogate Prey, was released this past December. It will be available on cassette and CD with Camellinggus (Asia) and Blind Corner Records. Currently, they have material for two full-length albums ready to go, so we can expect much more in the year to come. Specifically, the band plan to record their next album “Raurava” in Spring with hopes of a summer release.


Guitarist/Vocalist Zak Suleri tells us, “We feel optimistic about the path Et Mors is on. While the pandemic has surely put a dent in our plans of world domination, the isolation has given us ample time to hone our craft. We aim to come back stronger than ever when the time is right."


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