Evoken do precisely what their name implies. Melancholic and grief-filled atmosphere quickly fill you in every moment this death metal-inspired funeral doom troupe perform. Their sound is dramatic and earthy, making the listener aware that there are consequences, trials, and we all die one day. We fucking love it.


Since 1992, this band set out to write and record the heaviest output of music possible. Intense enough to illicit things deep inside that you didn’t know were there. Through all the evil, there are moments of delicately uplifting and bright keyboard harmonies. Never compromising, Evoken are truly masters of their skill.


Evoken last released "Hypnagogia" in November of 2018 on Profound Lore Records. The album was released in several territories and on several formats. They also had a re-release of “Quietus” from 2001 and “Antithesis of Light” from 2005 (including bonus tracks) on Peaceville Records.


While the band are in the early stages of writing their next record, they have a new website having been launched (, designed and created by Semith Orhan. Restrictions currently placed on entertainment have disrupted some of the band’s plans, but they have tentative dates for events and touring in 2021. While many traditional artists feel paralyzed by the pandemic, drummer Vincent Verkay assures us that they are only excited and motivated: “Ideas for new music are plentiful. The world around us is eroding. Someone has to write the soundtrack."


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