Starting out with a NOLA sludge and doom sound, False Gods have slowly turned into the kitchen sink of underground sound, incorporating elements from seemingly every crevice of every genre in the heavy and punk world. Overall, it cooks up to a thick, weighty stew with a definite impression of NYHC style versus anything from the swampy heat of the South. A sound of their own for ears from every corner.


The New Yorkers began in 2015, self-releasing their first EP “Wasteland” shortly thereafter in 2016. After a few EPs, the band recently released their first full album in October, “No Symmetry…Only Disillusion” on Seeing Red Records. The band is already in the middle of writing their next full-length and are hoping for a summer release in 2021. They are also working on a video for a song off of that latest release, “An Eternity of Failure” and expect that to be released soon after the New Year.


Catching up with Gregory March on False God’s current trajectory, he tells us, “I feel that the band is the strongest it's ever been, creatively speaking. Since the shutdowns, we've been doing a whole lot of songwriting and the material is some of our strongest to date. We haven't been totally inactive even though we can't play shows or tour to promote this last record. I'm excited for this next record. We have a whole lot to say"


Check out the band’s latest release and more and let us know what you think below!


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