Appalachian Desert Rockers Jakethehawk have been cranking out the jams since their inception in 2016. Heavy riffs and moments of vast textures countered with subdued breaks make up their heavy psych/stoner rock blend.


Jakethehawk have released their first two records, “Year of the Hawk” and “To Build a Fire” with Blackseed Records and are on their way to getting their latest release “Hinterlands” out this upcoming February, courtesy of Ripple Music. In addition to the album preparation and writing, they recently had a Ripple-sponsored Livestream with labelmates Howling Giant and Horseburner, so it’s safe to say they haven’t been resting on their laurels during the pandemic.


The Pittsburgh quintet will be busy with the promotion of their pending album release, but in the meantime, plan to do a livestream with Blind Scryer in January, and have a backlog of material, including covers, to work on while the world waits to attend live shows again. Singer/guitarist John Huxley notes that they feel fantastic about their direction right now and that they found their voice on the last record. He adds “At this point, the guys and I are all very driven musically and we are all very focused on being productive and moving forward, always on to the next thing. More importantly than that though, we love playing music together…it has been super fun lately and it has felt like the sky is really the limit creatively.”


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