Heavy, progressive, and delightfully depressing doom spinners Qaalm do not hesitate to let you feel the sorrows of existence. Their message specifically? You should really give up. If this were a message written in nearly any other genre, it wouldn’t be understood or appreciated, but we appreciate it here. After all, we seek the music to soothe the subconscious and drown out the superficial. It’s refreshing to have such a symphonically devious group from the bright and warm Los Angeles delving into this sort of dark energy. In Qaalm, darkened death and fated doom kiss exquisitely.


The band, who are relatively new (late 2017), create without consideration of what is trending among peers and influences. They own their sound, which can be heard in their mid-2019 digital demo “Reflections Doubt”. It’s a great teaser of what’s to come: a full record that will be completed in early 2021.


If ever there was a terrible time to be launching a new band, it would be now, but Pete Majors explains, "Qaalm has never been stronger! The trials & tribulations we've endured as a band have solidified our commitment to each other and ultimately aided us in creating some of the best music of our careers."


This band should be on your radar, so go check out their almost 15 minute, one-track demo now and expect even more monstrous material to come officially. 


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IG: qaalmband