From East Ohio comes a sound that is pleasantly punishing, deliciously tenacious, and sonically great, original noise metal. Deliberate pounding drums with cascading crashes accent, push, and pull the driving rhythm, hanging on each note. Rebreather is reminiscent of the fantastic dirty grunge/stoner metal of the late ‘90s, branded with their own take. Rightfully so with their 1999 roots, but don’t believe for one moment that theirs is a sound you’ve heard over and over. It’s Cave Pop. Or something like that.


Rebreather’s noise is a style that has a welcome way of distracting your mind from all else. A live Rebreather set will give you as much hope as hopelessness once it’s ended, but you really can’t think of anything else during their performance. They bring you into the raw moment and hold you there until they’re ready to let you go.


Rebreather is set to release their next full-length album with Aqualamb Records. Everything is recorded and mastered, and the art is on its way. They are also shooting video for some choice single tracks. Until then, you can go back to their self-titled EP, released in 2018, or even further back to their 2002 debut on Infernal Racket Records, Need Another Seven Astronauts. There is plenty of material to dive into and prepare you for what’s to come.


Founding member and guitarist/vocalist Barley Rantilla tells Blackseed, “This year will be busy for us. We are releasing a new album, shooting videos for it, and recording several ‘live’ internet shows to promote the new album. As well as jumping on some podcasts and beefing up our social media presence. Hoping to be on the road by fall of 2021.”


We’re excited and encourage you to take a moment to go follow this band and check out their stuff. Give them some virtual high-fives until we can see them on stage again.


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IG: rebreather_band