Emerging from the musky basements of Albany, NY in 2012, psychotic cock rockers Sun Voyager have a lot of fun throwing down meticulously calculated stoner riffs through their bottom-heavy rigs. If they have a mission in life, it’s getting people completely annihilated while not having to pay for their own drinks. That’s a pretty realistic expectation, and if you ever have the opportunity to see them live, please be sure to help them achieve those dreams.


With so many bands emerging in the stoner, doom, and psych-rock world, it’s difficult to get people to pay attention to bands unless they get out in front of them at a show. We implore you to go check out Sun Voyager’s catalog so you’re ready to jump into their next gig when you can. It’s spirited, mesmerizing, and a great live set. The low-end, power groove, punch and wah, all create an almost mysterious energy. It feels like good karma melting your face off with thick, fuzz-rich riffage. In the ocean of emerging bands, Sun Voyager stands out.


The group’s latest full album, Seismic Vibes, was released in 2018. More recently, they released a cover of Budgie’s Crash Course in Brain Surgery digitally on Tee Pee Records in 2019. The band are currently finishing up their next record, tentatively titled "Some Strange", which is described as “more raw and definitely the best representation of our live energy thus far”, while they write material for album three. The band also just finished building their own personal studio in hopes of cooking up more material. Stefan Mersch tells us in regards to the band’s overall feeling of what is to come, “We're writing the best shit we ever have and that can only make you feel good about the future, right?”


Right! So if you’ve got this far into the article it means you are clearly interested! Go and find yourself Sun Voyager’s tripped-out and fuzz-frenzied psych-rock extravaganza!


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